Orach Technic Pro - 3.865 Glyphs

Orach Technic Pro

Orach Technic Pro - DotPEN


This font is specially made for a certain size of letters and numbers.
AB in the picture below is 4mm in size, it has 11 vertical points and can be used for sizes 4 to 10 mm,
From our Orach Technic Pro font we have made only ASCII character set for our need.

DotPEN engraving

For smaller sizes 2-5mm, simplified fonts with 8 vertical dots are used as in the link below.


Orach Technic Pro 6.25 - All glyphs
(.pdf document, 40 MB, 46 page)
* 01.01.2023 - Modern Braille inside for 35 years Orach Technic


*Orach Technic Pro is a InfoFORM (Belgrade-Serbia)Font