About Orach Technic Pro


Development our Orach Technic font, is started 1988. in our firm UNCIJAL due to the lack of One-line multilingual fonts,
later this work was continued by our company Decco and infoForm.
Before that we engraved with mechanical pantograph machines.
It was possible to engrave Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arab in the same still or at last similar.
After all, it is not possible even today 35 years later.

Serbia where this font was made, it is located at the intersection of east and west,
it is surrounded by countries that write Latin, Cyrillic and Greek,
in Serbia we write with two letters eqally, Latin and Cyrillic.
Our site for engraving is

Serbian Cyrillic is the only Phonetic font in the world, we write as we speak.
Few kilometers from where we are, the oldest letter was found Vinča letter
from the Neolithic period, from the 6th to the 5th millennium BC from Vinča.

In the late 80s, to make these font we had to make
Orach Engraving Software, Orach Font Editor in Borland-C on Win 3.11
and only then Orach One-line font in our InfoFORM .eff (Engraving font format)
At that time, font editors for One-line could not be purchased from manufacturers of engraving machines,
who had just started producing CNC machines.

For this development there were engaged programmers, designers and typographer.

For graphic font design we bought Macintosh and IBM PC and Fontographer,
in 1989 NeXTstation with FireWire laser printer and FontStudio, which cost a fortune,
as far as I remember, it started to be sold in Europe the following year 1990.
NeXTstation opened new worlds of design to us.
It worked successfully for 10 years and now we still keep it as a rarity.
(After NeXTstation Power Macintosh, few PC after every 4-5 years, now Apple 27").

We ordered and bought catalogs from the biggest Typographical houses at that time,
Adobe, Berthold, Bitstream, Font company, ITC, Letraset, Monotype, etc.
Yes catalogs were bought and they were not cheap.
Two years one designer scan, copied, enlarged and arranged all this in 64 registes.
Of course, there was no internet then. Today with the Internet, it seems unreal,
but even today after 35 years, a lot of things look different on paper than on the internet-monitor.

We checked too all world's Engraving software and Engraving fonts,
we talked with many manufacturers Engraving machines and lasers, typografhers and gained many experiences.
Our Engraving PORTAL (first site after
now on our site

We never sold this programs it was not made in this purpose, program was made for our needs.
But the font has been continuously made until today, and we continuosly engraved with him,
constantly worked on it, corrected a things in the work and added new characters and glyphs,
only Orach Technic the Greek font has 32 versions for 35 years.
This 2022. we are completely done Devanagari-India, with wich write 720 million people.

Today, one Apple 27" never turns off, neither day nor night,
it is connected to our continuously power supply, so it is ON even when there is no electricity,
on Sundays, holidays, at night, Orach Tehnic Pro is here, ready for work,
love of letters drives all this, you can't pay someone to do all this.
Even my wife, who is a trained engraver, asks - what I do so much in the middle of the night,
she is convinced that I like letters more than her... :).

This written only mentioned some facts, It would be a bit much to write a book about this.

Orach Technic Pro font Familly

Orach Technic Pro family has three styles, picture below, as .ttf (TrueType) or .otf (PostScript) fonts,
and it is intended for Graphic and Machine needs.

Orach Technic Pro

One-line Orach Technic Pro, is complete of 3.928 individual glyphs as .pdf (.eps) files
intended for generating single-line fonts in various font formats such as:
.CHR (Borland); .shx (AutoCAD); .LZ2 (Lang); .CAR (Gravograph); .eff (infoFORM) etc.
which are not compatible with graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

Orach Technic Pro Specificities

Orach Technic Pro has a lot of specifics that are not some whim-fad of the designer,
but rather the need arose in the specific request to write something unambiguously in technique.
One such thing is our Roman numerals, which we made back in 1989.

Roman Numbers

Whoever of the designers looked at our font made a remark about these numbers.
"Where in what font did we see that it was written like that, don't invent things unnecessarily"
The explanation that we didn't invent it, that it was solved by old engraving and typographic workshops,
that they don't know and haven't seen, didn't help... no, no, no... unbelievable...

How to tell the difference on a jacket on which it is written XL
Is it size XL or size 40 we ask, they are not interested in that,
it's just important to them how the world's largest typographical houses do it (I won't mention their names).
We do not share their opinion in this case, we are completely ourselves Orach Technic Pro.

* * *

In our company infoForm we created software for engraving and single-line font.
Why this was not enough? Practice and life demanded something more.

The designer draws a table of his product and sends a request to make such a table.
It was done, for example, with the Ariel in CorelDraw.
We can redraw it all and write it with our one-line font, BUT the font cannot be simply replaced,
the letters are different sizes and widths and nothing fits, everything must be drawn again.

Drawing time of a few hours, engraving a few minutes. The price of the table is unexpectedly high.

It happened that the worker drew several tables all day looking at the printed request on paper,
and that at the end of the day the machine does it in 10 minutes.
It's not a problem that it's one day a week or a month, but it happened every day, more or less.

How to enable the designer draw the table in the graphic programs they use,
and that we can do it easily and cheaply.
Or how do we design a table in powerful graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator,
to present it to the customer, and to do it easily and quickly.
This is how the Orach Tehnic Pro family was born.

A designer or mechanical engineer, draws a table in AutoCad, Illustrator or Corel with font-style ProGraf,
that's uses for his documentation and that's sends it to us.
We just replace the font-style with ProGrav and we do it identically graphically with 1/12H knife-tool,
because the ProGrav font is made in the center of the ProGraf and ProCAD font.

Later it was seen that ProCAD and ProGraf are ideal for other applications such as Orach School and Orach Mobile.

* Why does the font have no style names ProGrav, ProCAD and ProGraf.
The reason is that the Microsoft operating system does not support these names as font styles
and they had to be Thin, Light and Regular.
On Apple computers they can be ProGrav, ProCAD, ProGraf as .otf,
and it all looks nice but it is not used in industry, for graphic preparation of course it can.
By default, we have the same styles for Apple computers as for PCs.


You can see more details at the links below.


all Country - all Language - all Character - all Keyboard - all Alphabet

Font support >170 Windows Keyboards and >100 Language
(Additionally can write with more than 1500 languages)

Total 3.928 Glyphs
11.782 Glyphs in all Three styles + Optional
3.928 One-line files.

Orach Technic Pro 6.25 - All glyphs
(.pdf document, 40 MB, 46 page)
* 01.01.2023 - Modern Braille inside for 35 years Orach Technic

*Orach Technic Pro font is produced in InfoFORM Belgrade - Serbia, from 1988 to 2022