Orach Technic Pro


Orach Technic ProStencil

Late 80s, to make One Line Orach Technic - Stencil font, we had to make
Orach Engraving Software, Orach Font Editor
all in Borland-C on Win 3.11. and .eff (Engraving Font Format).

The font is intended for making stencils for painting.

Below is version 3.2 of this font from 1993.
Stncil Latin - Serbian Cyrillic - Russan Cyrillic - Various characters

We never sold this programs, it was not made in this purpose, program was made for our needs.
But the font has been continuosly made until today, and we continuosly engraved-cut with him,
constantly worked on it, corrected a things in the work and added new characters and glyphs.

Orach Technic Stencil

orach Stencil infoform

Orach Stencil

For cutting larger letters we did Orach Technic Stencil 2L

Orach Stencil 200mm

Development our Orach Technic Stencil is started due to the lack of multilingual One-line Stencil fonts.
It was possible to cut Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arab in the same still - or at last similar,
after all, it is not posible even today 2022.

* * *

What we can offer today as Orach Technic Pro - Stencil font

We are currentlu working on creating the complete Orach Technic ProStencil family,
fully compatible with our font Orach Technic Pro with 3.347 Glyphs,
but it is a huge job, every letter is processed in AutoCAD, and solve the design as Stencil familiar.
We don't know when it will be finished, the team should be increased,
we consider this page as a page under construction.

*We can offer only after the completion of the entire work
individuallu-separatlly every Characters-Glyphs in .eps or vector .pdf document,
with everything necessary elements for one Character-Glyph
identical to Orach Technic Pro - One-line font below.

Latin Capital Letter A
Latin Capital Letter B

* * *

Orach Technic Pro 6.25 - All glyphs
(.pdf document, 40 MB, 46 page)
* 01.01.2023 - Modern Braille inside for 35 years Orach Technic

*Orach Technic Pro is a InfoFORM (Belgrade-Serbia) font, developed from 1988 to 2022.