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Orach Technic Pro 6.24 - School

Orach Technic Shool

Orach Technic Pro family is a .ttf (TrueType) font and is intended for PC computeres.
Font can optional be .otf (OpenType) for Apple computers.

Orach Technic Pro - Thin, Light and Regular as Orach Technic School,
give new life in >172 country and >120 Language.

Take a pencil or chalk in hend, and write your alphabet with Orach Technic Pro.

Orach Technic Pro Specificities

See for yourself why children cannot use the system and some of the world's most famous fonts for learning.

Orach Technic School - 2

The largest number of countries in the world do not have a standard for their own letters.
My country Serbia does not have a standard for its own font. All surrounding countries also do not have this.
Teachers do not have a demonstration Latin, Cyrillic and Greek font who have to learn.
Greek because of all the mathematical and technical symbols they must know

In the absence of standards for this, we made this review for our schools many years ago.

This document is printed on a 500x700mm format and framed so that it can be hung on the wall in the classroom.
Every child can take a picture of this with a mobile phone and look at it while writing.

Teachers can print anuthing, in any program, put it on the board or hand it out to the children on A4 paper.

Teachers can write anything, in any program, put it on the school board or print on A4 paper
in >172 country and >120 Language.
What do they offer children now, for example, for Greek letters in Physics and Mathematics,
as a supplement to their alphabetand in their font style.

The second part of learning is the order of drawing, but first you need to have something to draw.

* This Orach Technic Pro - School page is only an informational page and under construction,
and the real presentation has yet to be done.

- - -

Whatever people in this world have invented, nothing can compare by the leter.
Send your thoughts on a piece of paper, to a friend who is far away in the world,
it is a science that transcends the human mind.... And and can be freely said,
the one who invented it, he was more God than man.

* Serbian linguist and reformer Vuk Stefanović Karadžić (1787-1864)


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Font support >172 Windows Keyboards and >120 Language
(Additionally can write with more than 500 languages)

Total 3.865 Glyphs
11.595 Glyphs in all Three styles + Optional 3.865 One-line files.

Orach Technic Pro 6.25 - All glyphs
(.pdf document, 40 MB, 46 page)
* 01.01.2023 - Modern Braille inside for 35 years Orach Technic

*Orach Technic Pro font is produced in InfoFORM Belgrade - Serbia, from 1988 to 2022