Orach Technic


Orach Technic Pro - Thin (ProGrav)

Orach Technic Thin (ProGrav) is .ttf (TrueType) fonts and it is intended for engraving with CNC machines and Lasers.
* Font can optional be .otf (OpenType) for Apple computers.

The font looks like a One-line, but it is Two-line, so that it can be used in all graphics programs
such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, AutoCAD etc, and directly engrave with it,
or the font turned into curves and then export as an .pdf, .eps or .plt file.

The font-style Thin (ProGrav), was made up to the limit of correct display on the monitor,
and it is made so that it writes in the center of styles ProGraf and ProCAD.

With Orach Technic ProGrav can engrave from Thin to Regular,
with different knife thicknesses from 1/24 to 1/12H.

Everything that a designer draws in graphic programs with the Orach ProGraf
can be directly engraved by simply replacing font-style with ProGrav and 1/12H knife.

Only those who are engaged in this business can know what a relief this is to the engravers.

What are the practical experiences with engraving this Two-line and One-line font.
Of course, single-line font writes faster, but that is insignificant in relation to time
it is necessary to make this graphic preparation.

If it is engraved on aluminum, brass, plastic 0.25-0,3 mm deep, for painting,
the two-line font proved to be better because it immediately clears the engraved letter.

Example of direct engraving on two-layer ABS engraving material 1mm thick,
with Orach Technic Thin (ProGrav), and knife 1/12 the height of capital letter.

Example of direct engraving on inox boxes for business cards, with
Orach Technic Tnin (ProGrav), with a diamond tool 0,1mm.
Time 2 minuts.

En example of why only Orach Technic - Thin (ProGrav) can engrave directly from the graphic character of a letter.

Many uninformed will say that they can take any Thin or Ultra-light font and engrave this one,
but this is also impossible for several reasons. First of all, the design is not adapted for this purpose.
First of all, the letters are condensed into each other, sab-sub letters are not adjusted etc.


Orach ProGrav

all Country - all Language - all Character - all Keyboard

Font support >172 Windows Keyboards and >120 Language
(Additionally can write with more than 500 languages)

Total 3.865 Glyphs
11.595 Glyphs in all Three styles + Optional 3.865 One-line files.

Orach Technic Pro 6.25 - All glyphs
(.pdf document, 40 MB, 46 page)
* 01.01.2023 - Modern Braille inside for 35 years Orach Technic

*Orach Technic Pro font is produced in InfoFORM Belgrade - Serbia, from 1988 to 2022