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Orach Technic Pro - Regular (ProMobile)

Surely fonts are one of the most important and critical elementson mobile phone.
I always wondered who chose this font on my mobile phone, and how to change this font.

Orach Technic Mobile

Orach Technic Pro we did not make for mobile phones, but because of his good readability
on sizes 6 and 8 points, and increased distance between letters and words
proved to be a good solution for mobile phones.
Also very important thing is that Sab/Sub scripts, Modified Characters, Combining letter and Small Capital
adapted to these small sizes and significantly larger. This is problematic with other fonts at small sizes.
I could give countless examples, but it's not sportsmanlike to show it.

Imagine for example that you want to write something in another language on your mobile phone.
Click the Language... and a page like this appears...

All Language

>172 Windows Keyboards and >120 Language
and the corresponding keyboard appears

And what is most important, we have it all done.

* * *

What we can offer today as Orach Technic Pro

We can offer Orach Technic Pro font Family, with Regular style (ProMobile).

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All glyphs - Orach Technic Pro V6.24 (7 MB .pdf)
*Document v6.24 is under construction

All glyphs - Orach Technic Pro V5.63 (22 MB .pdf)

*Orach Technic Pro is a InfoFORM (Belgrade-Serbia) font, developed from 1988 to 2022.