Orach Technic Led

Orach LED

We have been making various signs for the industry for decades.
We made masks for LED displays, engraved code blocks for inscriptions and more.
There was always some trouble there.

Firstly, the letters were not graphically good, and secondly, it is difficult to make a letter code.
Existing standards for 7 LED display are not good enough in our opinion.
In order to solve all this, we created a new graphic solution and font that immediately writes the letter cipher.

Orach LED Font


Only basic warnings are written with this font as:
START, STOP, Low voltage, Erorr 025 and so on.

There is no need to wait for these letters to become standard,
programmatically, this is easily solved with seven led lights,
only used words are printed with this Orach Led fonts and problem is solved.


Download Orach LED .otf Font

The font Orach LED is Free.



*Orach LED is a InfoFORM (Belgrade-Serbia)Font