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Orach Braille

About Braile font

We made the first inscriptions in braille and with a CNC machine in 1988 as an experiment.
We then engraved the field around the dots, which was not good enough.
When we gave it to the blind to read, we saw that they struggled to read it.
The reason was that the upper surface of the points was flat and not curved.

Then we made knives-tools with the sharpened part of the knife, in order to get the sharpened part of the ball,
but that was never good either, so we gave up on that too.

At the beginning I want to say, we didn't do much with these inscriptions,
but for 35 years, we have not charged anyone.

Later we started using 1,5mm metal Braille balls, here is our picture.

Braile-orach Sistem

Orach Braile Font was generated in our Orach Font Editor, as .eff fonts, each letter as a group of dots.

We want to help everyone here who is interested in this and who wants to do this but they don't have this resolved.

This font with simple point cannot write correctly in programs like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW etc,
so for that reason it was not generated-made sach font as .ttf or .otf font.
Braile "Pint" font can be used in special programs of other manufacturers of engraving machines,
made mostly for their machines with their drivers.

ok... here is solution.


First we created a graphic font Orach Braile as .ttf and .otf

With this font you cannot direct engraving, but you can write-approach this graphically on a standard US keyboard.
You write the required text on the keyboard as plain text, and natural-sized braille letters will appear on the screen,
you only need to adjust the font size and line spacing as in the dialog below.
(the distance between the lines is not necessary if there is no such thing in your program).

Put the necessary printout next to the machine and look at it,
so that you don't make a mistake in the further process.

Download this font for free
Orach Braille Graphic font


For the need to create a Braille font with your CNC machine, we created two .pdf documents
that you can also download for free below.

The first shows the Dimension of the Braille letter.pdf

And another document Braile Characters.pdf

Orach Braille ASCII

Download this two document, print and put in a plastic folder,
you will need it every time you do this.
They are not simply copied from the internet, we made them just for you.


It is a surprising fact that in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW on PC you cannot draw the most ordinary point.
Once upon a time I used to do this for printed board without problems.
I have a PC-IBM computer with win311 and Illustrator 4.0 from 30 years ago, more like a rarity.
I'll try there, it works, super. I make it there, import it into a new illustrator and CorelDrow... the points are not visible.
I try to draw dots on an Apple computer and illustrator, the dots are visible, super I think...
I create a .pdf and .ai document there, transfer it to the PC, the points are not visible.
I don't want to comment on all this, I'm writing just so you know.


We made Braille character as .plt file-template 1:1, in our Orach System software,
with a dot in place of the ball and rectangle around as the oldest, simplest and most widespread file in engraving.


Download for free Braile .plt template

Import this .plt file of dimensions 6.4x10mm into your program, as Braille template.
Corel can imprt this file, but he doesn't see the dots, don't import them,

If you have a suitable font editor, you can get a braille font by simply adding tempalte.

Since you don't have a font editor for your engraving softwarem, simply copy this temoplate in your software,
copy to the right as many times as necessary letters, look at the printed Braille charcers document.
Delete all unnecessary points and frames, put the appropriate tool, drill the holes and insert the balls.

You need to have plastic balls for this purpose with a diameter of 1.5 mm (1,4mm),
which are available cheaply on the Internet
, as well as the corresponding freezer drill.

Let the machine drill these holes, manually fit the balls into the holes,
manually tap each one over some plastic,
or turn the tool upside down and do it with a machine
, and that's all.


We offer all these solutions for free with a request that you do something and help those
whom fate has denied one of the greatest riches of man - Sight.

* * *

All glyphs - Orach Technic Pro V6.24 (7 MB .pdf)
*Document v6.24 is under construction

All glyphs - Orach Technic Pro V5.63 (22 MB .pdf)

*Orach Technic Pro is a InfoFORM (Belgrade-Serbia) font, developed from 1988 to 2022.